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Cherohala Skyway - A Motorcycle Road Must Ride

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The Official Cherohala Skyway Website - Monroe County, Tennessee Department of Tourism

The Monroe County, Tennessee Department of Tourism hosts another nice site with visitor information, history, maps, activities and more at Cherohala Skyway - A Drive Above the Clouds guide.

Guide to Tellico Plains

The Guide to Tellico Plains Tennessee has some nicely done info on the Skyway, lodging, places to eat and more at their Cherohala Skyway guide which includes a nice map and a list of points of interest on the Tennessee side.


Wikipedia provides its usual technical information for the Cherohala Skyway with key points and highlights for both states along with links to many other articles on the skyway.

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Tennessee and North Carolina's Mountain Top Motorcycle Road

The Cherohala Skyway is one of the premier motorcycle roads in the country.

The road can be a destination in itself with lodging, food and all a riders needs available at either end. When traveling around or through the area it can be combined with one or more of the excellent rides surrounding it to form a memorable tour of the Smoky Mountains.
The Cherohala Skyway snakes it's way across the top of the mountains in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina from Tellico Plains, TN to Robbinsville, NC.

Every inch beckons motorcyclists to come and enjoy this phenomenal ride.

Almost the entire ride is through some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere as the road twists, turns, climbs and falls along the top of the mountains.

The ride's maximum elevation of over 5000 feet provides a welcome escape from the heat in the summer. In cooler weather be sure to pack some warm gear.
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The Cherohala rewards you with the kind of motorcycling you dream about. We've ridden the Skyway in everything from gentle rains to sizzling summers to unbelievable fall color shows and it is always one of the most memorable highlights of any tour.Photo by <a target="_blank" href=""></a>

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The Cherohala Skyway has numerous technically challenging corners. There are several diminishing radius turns that are hidden from view until you are deep into the corner. A good way to stay out of trouble is to use a late apex and plan your corner entry speed based on the warning caution signs.
This is a common view when you're riding the Cherohala Skyway.
Heavy traffic on the Cherohala Skyway isn't quite the same as on your daily commute.
This is something you'll never tire of.
Turn-outs, picnic areas and scenic overlooks abound. Many have hiking trails for your enjoyment. The higher elevations on the North Carolina side can provide downright cool weather even in the middle of summer.

Check your mirrors when you see a pull-out coming up. If you have traffic behind you use the pullout to allow faster traffic to pass safely.
This is a common view when you're riding the Cherohala Skyway.