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Spend Less Time Packing and More Time Enjoying Your Ride

No matter how big your motorcycle luggage looks, it always seems you run out of room before you even get started on your tour.

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You've spent every free minute for weeks planning that perfect motorcycle getaway in the mountains. You've got your maps, the bike's in top shape and your riding partner's ready to roll.

As you start loading things on the bike you start to realize there's no way you're going to get everything on the bike. That duffle bag that looked like it would fit just right in the sporting goods store, but with three days worth of clothes in it you can't get the darn saddlebag to close. So out comes everything and you start taking out stuff trying to get it all to fit..

Before you know it you've spent an extra hour and half just getting out the driveway. Every time you stop and try to find something, stuff falls out of your saddlebags or gets caught when you try to close them.

On top of that, you've had to leave out things you really wanted to take and you don't even have room to pickup a souvenir t-shirt!

It happened to me and I figured there had to be an easier way!

The Only Compression Stuff Sack Designed To Be Used For Motorcycle Touring

Having done some hiking and camping I thought I knew the solution. I went online and purchased compression stuff sacks. Man they made a big difference packing stuff on the bed at home. There was only one problem.

Even the smallest hiking bags we're too big! I could only get one bag in each saddlebag!

So I decided to build my own bags. I'd size them to hold one day's worth of clothes so I wouldn't have to carry everything from the bike in each night and I'd be able to put them wherever I wanted in the saddlebags or top case. I made sure they'd even fit in my tankbag. We built some very nice bags that worked great, but I still wasn't happy. (Anna tells me I'm a little obsessive about getting things perfect, I like to think my approach is just right, or at least it will be as soon as…).

The next thing I found was that using straps to compress the bag made the bag tough to pack on the bike. Those stupid straps were constantly getting caught when you tried to close the saddlebag or top case and honestly, I thought I looked kind of silly with the straps flopping every which way when I carried them into the hotel at the end of the day.

On the 2-Stuffed bags we've done away with the straps and use a two stage system to compact the bag and fit at least 30% more clothing in each saddlebag on the bike. It's easy to pack a FULL DAY's worth of clothing (I'm 6 foot tall and somewhere over 225 pounds) in each bag.

All you have to do is roll your clothes and pack them in the inner bag, starting with the largest item. Once everything is in the inner bag, tighten the drawstring.

Place the inner bag in the outer clam shell bag, push down on the top, pull the zipper out and around and the bag pulls down and closed, tightly packing your clothes into at least 1/3 less space than just putting them in a stuff sack!

Surprisingly, when we compared the compressed size of the zipper clamshell bag to the older style cinch strap bag, the zipper bag was almost 1/2 inch MORE compact. It held more, was easier to use, looked better and didn't have straps and buckles to fail or get in the way. We knew we finally had it right!

Look How Easy It Can Be To Add 33% More Space to Your Motorcycle Luggage

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Motorcycle Luggage Packing The Old Way

Here's 3 days worth of clothes in the saddlebag of a Kawasaki Concours.

The bags on this bike have a very generous cargo capacity, but as you can see just three days worth of clothes almost completely fills the bag up.

The 2-Stuffed Motorcycle Luggage Packing System Gets The Most Out Of Your Valuable Luggage Space

Here's the same amount of clothing packed using the 2-Stuffed compression bags!

Not only is the entire inner portion of the saddlebag free to pack additional items, each day's clothing is contained in its own bag.

When you get to the hotel or campground you can grab exactly what you need! No more digging through ill fitting bags looking for a clean set of clothes.

You Easily Get 33% More Storage Without Making A Single Modification To Your Bike

The extra room in the saddlebag easily holds an extra days worth of gear.

And there's still more room to stash away toiletries, spares and a souvenir or two from your trip.

Designed By Motorcyclists For Motorcyclists

Each bag is designed to hold a full day's worth of clothes for a full sized guy.

A slightly smaller model will be available soon sized to hold women's size 6/8 clothing, pack extras or stow the liners and rain covers for today's versatile riding gear.

Great For Packing Rain Gear

The 2-Stuffed Motorcycle Luggage Packing System easily stores a full set of raingear including jacket, pants, boot covers and waterproof glove covers.

With 2-Stuffed compression bags you're always ready for whatever the weather throws your way.

Organize Your Top Case

Our compression stuff sacks can help organize your top case and make finding things easy.

Order 2-Stuffed Motorcycle Luggage Compression Packing System