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Girls! Do You Have Shoulder Length or Longer Hair?

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No MoreTangles, No More Knots
Just Beautiful Hair at Your Next Stop!

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Enjoy a Cool and Comfortable Ride and Look Great When You Get There with the New WickIt!™ Helmet Liner for Men and Women by Raci-Babi™

The WickIt!™ Motorcycle Helmet Liner Utilizes many of the innovative features of the Highly Acclaimed Raci-Babi Diva-Do to create a superbly comfortable helmet liner for short hair. With the WickIt! helmet liner you'll enjoy a more comfortable ride and your hair will look great when you get there


Lightweight and Comfortable

The WickIt! is constructed of premium lightweight materials so it is thin, lightweight and fits comfortably under any helmet.


Stretch Fit Wicking Material

The WickIt! is constructed of comfortable stretch fit active wear. This material gives you a comfortable no slip fit that wicks away moisture without removing the essential oils that keep your hair looking neat and natural.

The triangle tail makes it easy to orient the helmet liner! - No more fumbling trying to figure out what's front and back.

Small Details Make All the Difference

We ride so we know that lots of times it's the little things that can really make a difference!

Each WickIt! features a unique "Vee" shaped tail to make it easy to identify the front and back of the helmet liner, making it a snap to put it on.

The active wear material fits snugly yet comfortably and does not shift and slip as you put your helmet on.

Small details like this make a big difference, this is a helmet liner that is not only supremely comfortable but is so easy to use you won't want to get on the bike without it.


All Weather Comfort

The WickIt!'s active wear material helps keep you cooler in hot weather by wicking away moisture and enhancing the evaporative cooling effect. In the winter the wicking process keeps humidity away from your skin providing a comfortable feel when worn under insulating hoods and other cold weather gear.


No Headache Seam Design - No Seams in Critical Areas and Flatlock Seams Used Throughout

The WickIt's design moves all seams away from the forehead and other pressure points to ensure that you don't end up with the dreaded "seam headache" common with many helmet liners. All seams are made with premium quality woolly nylon threads originally designed to create the softest seams possible. This thread is used in high quality baby wear and creates an incredibly soft and comfortable helmet liner.

Absolutely no seams on your forehead mean no more headaches from your helmet liner!

One of the first things you'll notice when you put on a WickIt! is that there are no seams in the forehead area and that the seams at the top of this quality helmet liner are placed so that they fit into the area between your helmet's top and side padding so that no pressure is exerted there either.

Additionally all the seams on the WickIt! are made with flatlock stitching using premium wooly nylon thread. The flatlock seam process creates the flattest possible seam which actually flattens with use. Combined with the unique placement of the seams you'll find the WickIt! to be the most comfortable helmet liner you've ever used.

Once you've tried a WickIt! you won’t be able to settle for a lesser helmet liner.


Prevents Annoying Rolled and Matted Hair

The snug fit and smooth material of the WickIt! prevents your hair from being rolled and matted as your helmet moves while riding, keeping your hair smooth and preventing knots and tangles under your helmet. You'll have a comfortable ride and look great when you get there.


Reduces Helmet Cleaning

Even if your helmet has a removable liner, you know that removing and re-installing it can be a pain. With a WickIt! Helmet Liner you'll dramatically reduce the need to clean your helmet's interior liner keeping your helmet fresh and clean.


Easy Care and Cleaning

For the longest wear we suggest the WickIt! be hand washed with a gentle detergent and line dried like you would fine swimwear or dance wear.

If you need to quickly wash the WickIt we suggest you machine wash it on a delicate cycle then line dry it or place it in the dryer on low heat for just a few minutes.