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Women's Motorcycle Do Rags that Really Protect Your Hair!

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What Is the Difference Between a Raci-Babi Helmet Liner and Do-Rag?

The only difference between the Raci-Babi Diva-Do Helmet Liner and Do-Rag is that those items flagged as "Do-Rags" are made using an "Active Wear" material. The stretch qualities of this material provide a snug yet comfortable fit that can be adjusted as tightly as needed for wear without a helmet or with a "DOT Half-Helmet".

While even the Raci-Babi Helmet Liners can be worn as a Do-Rag (and are by a large number of our customers) we recommend the Active Wear to prevent the possible loss of the Diva-Do when worn without a helmet.

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Diva-Do Do Rag in Elegant Black with Black Trim

Product Details

Fabric StretchFull Stretch
Fabric TypeActive Wear
Use forAll Weather Motorcycling, Bicycling, Motorcycling, Snorkling, Snow Skiing, Workout

US Patent Number D629180

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Show Diva-Do Styles

Selecting Do-Rags Only shows the Diva-Do's best suited for use when you chose not to wear a helmet.

Selecting All Helmet Liners & Do-Rags shows all the available Diva-Do's, some of which will only give the best results when worn with a helmet.

Stop Helmet Head, Protect Your Hair and Look Great at Your Next Stop with a Diva-Do Do Rag by Raci Babi

Hey Girls,

  • Are you tired of tangled and knotted hair?
  • Are you looking for a way to protect your hair with or without a helmet?
  • Would you like your hair ready to ride in 10 seconds?
  • Are you looking for a someone that backs their product with an absolute No Risk Money Back Guarantee?

The Diva-Do women's stretch do-rag is the patent pending, handcrafted, made in the USA solution that works with or without a helmet to protect your hair while you ride.

The Do-Rag Designed by a Woman for Women Motorcyclists

The Raci Babi Diva-Do was designed from the beginning to protect a woman's long hair and make motorcycling more comfortable and fun. The use of the latest designer materials has created a motorcycle do rag that also functions as the most comfortable helmet liner you've ever worn.

Who Says Long Hair Has To Be Uncomfortable When You're On Your Motorcycle?

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say About Their Diva-Do Do Rags 

Hi Anna,

I met you at the Wings over the Smokies this past Thursday. I have had many different types of do rags and they have ALL claimed to keep away helmet hair. Well the RaciBabi is the first that actually came through on that claim. Friday was hot and humid and after a 300 mile ride, I still walked into the restaurant without a hat!

Diva-Do's Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!!:)
Hi Anna and Jim:)
Remember Me??? I ordered three of your 'Diva-Do's' at the end of March before our trip to California in April.
Well, I have to say 'WOW'!!!!!...'They Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!!:) They are everything you say they are and much...much more. I love the fact that your hair isn't messy, frizzy or oily, but 'Perfectly Perfect!'
I've been telling every woman I meet all about them and will definitely look forward to ordering more.
Thank-you for your valuable web-site and I look forward to keeping in touch.
Denise G BC Canada .
Purchased my first Raci Babi helmet liner a couple of months ago. It is AMAZING!!
Best purchase I ever made (next to my bike).
I absolutley love it, am amazed at how awesome my hair looks after I ride and my boyfriend is thrilled that it no longer takes me forever to get my hair secure before riding. He's actually jealous about how great my hair looks when I remove the liner!
Cannot believe it took me this long to try it - will never do without one again!
Kathleen V Macedon, NY .
Hi Annalee
My name is Nicole and I met you at Americade. My boyfriend found your site and I am so glad he did. I tell everyone about the Diva-do liner.. I LOVE IT! Anyway, just wanted to say I love it and good luck with it.just ordered another one,the black and white diva do :o)
We were out riding all day this past Saturday with 2 other couples that we always ride with and every stop I had to show everyone how I could finally run my fingers through my The ladies both have short hair so they only knew my pain through my past Looking forward to getting my new one and I will send a picture soon.
Take care, Nicole High Bridge NJ .
Hi Anna
I just wanted to let you know that the Diva-do helmet liner worked perfectly on my trip to Myrtle Beach. It kept my hair wonderfully. I have long curly hair and it kept it perfectly, no tangles, no knots. It was so much better then wearing the leather hair glove that straightens my hair. I have a friend that is just getting into riding and I've lent her one of my liners to try. I didn't get to see you on the Discovery Channel - I hope it all went well. Thank you for inventing such a unique and helpful product.
Regards Diane K Wilmington,De .
I bought a Raci Babi today at Thunder Tower. I LOVE IT! We rode all afternoon making stops along the way and it worked perfect, just as you said. It's so comfortable I couldn't even tell it was there. My hair was tangle free EVERY TIME we stopped! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Lori B Thunder Tower Harley Girl Elgin SC .
Hi Anna, I received my Diva-Do Helmet Liner order, and you included a note wondering how I heard about your company. Well, I actually bought one of your Diva-Do Helmet Liners from you at Americade in Lake George, New York, in June. I watched you do the demo, and I still wasn't sure how it would work. But, I bought one to see, and I'm just amazed every time I put it on under my helmet! I'm just amazed how wonderful it is! We ride all the time, and it was even comfortable on the hot 100+ degree days we were riding! With my long hair, it was always a struggle to comb my hair after a day of riding, and no matter what I did my hair was always flying around! Now, it is amazing how my hair is so tangle free, and not flying around getting in my eyes! And, it is so easy to put on! Your design is amazing! I never want to be without one, so I ordered 2 extras!
They are just wonderful!Barbara M Canadensis, PA .
Hi Anna! We met at Americade and I purchased a gold Raci Babi from you for my long blonde hair .. Its great! I don't know how I rode without it for as long as I did ... Thank you for coming up with this idea. I wear contact lenses, and more often than not, that ONE single stray hair would make its way directly into my eyeball and create major discomfort. Since I've been wearing your Raci Babi, that issue is gone! Also, I no longer have tangles and knots after a ride. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and absorbent. It washes easily and dries quickly. It even kept me feeling warm and secure during the rainstorms we rode through during our week on the road. You've made motorcycle riding much more pleasant for all us long-haired ladies!
Thanks again, Kathy B. Midland Park, NJ .
Hi Anna, I just wanted to let you know that I just LOVE the Raci Babi helmet liner. We just got back from a few days in Myrtle Beach and my hair looked great after every ride. (I have long curly hair ) It took a few tries to get the tieing right but after that, it was a breeze. Thanks so much for inventing a wonderful product!
Ms Curly Myrtle Bch SC .
Hi.......I purchased two of the Helmet liners from you at the Brandon Harley Davidson dealership during the Ladies Riders Day. You probably don't remember me, but i had very long thick red hair and I was sporting a sling on my are from a broken collarbone...LOL. I have to tell you that your hair invention is the best thing I have ever found to harness my hair while riding! The very best part tho, was that I was able to put it on correctly, the first time, with a broken collar bone on my left side...and I am a lefty!! I would love to demonstrate and sell for you. I know that your business is growing in leaps and bounds, and I truly believe in your product,
Sincerely, Julie C Tampa Fl Harley Ladies Rider Day .
I received my liner, and it's great! I just love it, and very comfortable in my full face helmet! In the future I hope you can make some in hi vis yellow, and other solid colors like red, blue purple pink, orange, etc. I have natural curly hair, and do not have to worry about it getting tangled any longer.
Thanks again! Karen P Lake Worth Fl .
"I'm still loving my Diva Do! As my son would are the chick!"
Julie C Tampa,Fl .
Hello Anna: I purchased a helmet liner from you at the Asheville NC Bike fest last Sunday and finally had time to ride and wear it,good job preserving the hair! It is quite comfortable and even feels as if it keeps my helmet more secure to my head. I love it I just wish I could get it on as fast as you do. Thanks again.
Melanie L Jonesville SC .
anna thanks very much. She is loving the black chrome one. we go places now and people say,wow, ive never seen you with your hair down. then she explains how your product works. thanks again for the great customer service anna.
Mike L SC .
Met Anna at Americade -- YES, we bought her D0-Rag for long hair!!! (awesome demo by the way) Great web site -- Look forward to receiving your articles.
Ride safe, Joe L St George NY Americade .
"Hi..I'm still wearing my Diva'Do everytime I'm on the bike!! It's the only wrap I have found to keep my very long, thick hair in place..and it NEVER slips off or even out of place....I LOVE IT!!!!!"
Julie C Tampa Fl .
Thank you so much for your creation, marketing skills, professionalism, & personable-ness. I am so looking forward to the short-hair version & will definitely pass your name/invention/website on to many female riders I know.
Thanks again! Pam B Kingsport ,Tenn .
Hey Anna, The dew rag works great!! Yea my hair not all tangled up and I run my pick thru it and viola perfect. It is great for long hair .
Have a great day Audrey G St Petersburg,Fl .
I received the helmet liners. Thank you. They're beautiful! I played around with them for a few minutes, I think they'll work perfectly. I have enough hair for 4 people (seriously, I'll send you a picture) but I'm very excited. Keep the shiny side up!
Best, Tina G Santa Monica,Ca. .
Hi, Anna! I know how nice it is to get feedback, and I've enjoyed my Diva Do so much I thought I'd share! It's definitely crossing barriers if I'm cleaning house in a little bling, lol. Do you have a Facebook page for your product? I'd love to be a fan and keep up with the styles.
Ride safe! Heather R Gainsville,Fl Leesburg Bike Fest .

While most do rags were designed for men and their shorter hair, the Diva-do was specially designed for a woman's long hair. This patent pending, stretch do rag with its unique hair pocket is easy to wear and made of materials selected to protect your long hair so that it remains shiny, full and looking great no matter how long the ride.

The unique construction uses satin soft fabrics and an elasticized hair pocket to protect your hair, keep you looking great and prevent your hair from pulling and tugging as you ride.

The seam-free design of the wrap and hair pocket eliminates pressure points for incredible all-day comfort. The premium material keeps your hair shiny and fluffy and reduces friction with your helmet to keep your hair from being pulled, split and broken.

Being Safe Never Looked So Good

Ponytails, braids and loose hair can snag your riding gear, interfere with movement and control, and spoil the enjoyment of your ride. The Raci-Babi do-rag and helmet liner's one of a kind hair pocket design not only protects your hair and keeps it looking great, it keeps your hair safely out of the way and lets you focus on the ride.

The Diva-Do's wicking materials also make wearing a helmet much more comfortable while keeping your hair looking great, providing the cooling effect of the latest wicking materials and preventing "helmet itch" caused when cotton do rags absorb the oils from your scalp and hair.

Helps Get Rid of "Helmet Itch"

The Diva-Do do rag fights helmet itch in two ways:

  • The top quality synthetic fabrics wick away moisture without drying your scalp and hair. Inexpensive cotton do rags absorb both moisture and oils, drying your hair and scalp while becoming damp and uncomfortable.
  • Diva-Do do rags can be easily cleaned by hand or in the gentle cycle of your washing machine. You can always look forward to a clean and comfortable helmet when you use a Diva-Do to protect both your hair and riding gear.

Comfortable Fit with Any Helmet

Raci Babi Diva Do Do Rag and Helmet Liner with hair pocket outside the back of a full face helmet.

The Diva-Do Do Rag and Helmet Liner works with all full face, 3/4 or 1/2 helmets.

The hair pocket is designed to ride low and outside the helmet, ensuring that your hair does not interfere with the snug fit your helmet requires to do its job.

The Diva-Do Do Rag Is Adjustable for a Perfect Fit

The Diva-Do Do Rag features adjustable ties that allow for the perfect fit.

Straight or curly, thick or thin, the Diva-Do Do Rag will provide a perfect fit or we will happily refund your entire purchase price (shipping included!). We'll even send you a postage paid shipping materials for your return.

You complete satisfaction is our goal. If you are not happy with your purchase it will not cost you one penny!

Quality Crafted of the Finest Materials in the USA

Raci Babi Diva-Do Do Rags are proudly made in the USA.

Every Diva-Do is constructed of the highest quality materials in our Saint Petersburg, Florida production facility.

The materials have been chosen to provide the ultimate in protection for your hair.

Unlike inexpensive cotton do rags made overseas, our satin smooth charmeuse and exciting active wear fabrics wick away moisture while preventing the absorption of the oils, keeping your hair lustrous and full of body.

Your Diva-Do Do Rag Comes with our 110% Satisfaction - No Risk Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not thrilled with your Diva-Do do-rag just let us know. We'll not only refund your entire purchase price, including shipping - we'll even send you prepaid shipping materials to return the product!

How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be for the Diva-Do Do Rag?

If your hair is shoulder length or longer the Diva-Do is for you! As long as you can put your hair in a bun or a short pony tail (which holds the Diva-Do in position) you'll find that the Diva-Do do rag is the most comfortable and effective way you've ever experienced to prevent tangles, knots and helmet itch and protect your hair from breakage and the elements.

Sometimes I Just Don't Want to Wear a Helmet - Will the Diva-Do Do Rag Keep My Hair from Getting Tangled and Knotted without a Helmet?

While we recommend you always wear a helmet (we do), we believe you should have the freedom to choose.

To help you choose the best Diva-Do for your preferences the ones that work best without a helmet are labeled as "Do Rags".

All "Do Rag" style Diva-Do's are stretch do rags that allow you to comfortably snug up the fit by tying them tighter.

The "Helmet Liner" style Diva-Do's can also be worn as a do rag without a helmet, however the fit of this style is not as snug because the material does not feature the full four way stretch of the "Do Rag" style Diva-Do's.

What If My Hair isn't Shoulder Length?

We are currently working on a prototype Raci Babi do rag for shorter than shoulder length hair. Made of the same materials as the original Diva-Do, the new version will offer the advantages of tangle prevention and hair protection for shorter hair. If you would be interested in being a tester when the short hair version becomes available later this year, please email us or signup for our newsletter and mention you are interested in the short hair version of the Diva-Do. Please let us know what state you are in so we can contact you if we are doing a show in your area.

Look Great at Your Next Stop!

When you take your helmet off the Raci-Babi helmet liner slides off easily, releasing your hair all silky and shiny.

No more looking like you were just cleaning the kitchen! Motorcycle riding is a sensuous experience, why not make it look that way too!

You Won't Believe How Good You Look When You Take Your Helmet Off!

The Raci-Babi do-rag/helmet liner is the answer to your prayers. Using premium designer fabrics the Raci-Babi do rag protects your hair from the ravages of wind, road grime and bugs.

Easy to put on and easier to take off, you won't believe how quickly you can get ready and how your hair comes out looking clean and healthy every time!

The Diva-Do is Patent Pending

The unique design of the Raci Babi Diva-Do is patent pending and available only from Raci Babi and 2UpTouring!

Preventing Helmet Head and Protecting Your Hair Couldn't Be Easier

You'll have your hair ready to ride in seconds - We Guarantee It!

Ready to Ride in 10 Seconds!

Start by wrapping your hair in a bun and holding it with one hand.
Hold the helmet liner in your other hand and swing the elasticized hair pocket back over your head and around the hand holding your hair.

Pull the Diva-Do forward by the long ties and release your hair into the hair pocket.
Now bring the ties back and criss-cross them under the hair pocket.
Bring the ties up and over the bun and make a knot like you're tying your shoes.
Now pull the ties tight to hold your hair in the hair pocket and snug the Diva-Do to your head.
Finish the ties in a bow and you're done.

You're Ready to put on your helmet in less than 10 seconds!